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Go Cart $8.00
(must be 54" tall & 9 yrs. old)
Double Cart $9 .00
(4 yrs. to ride & 16 yrs to drive)
Adult Golf $8.00
Child Golf (5-12yrs) $7.00
4 & Under Free
Adventure Golf
Go Carts
The track is 1/4 mile long and each rider gets 6 minutes per ride. (approx. 10-12 laps)
The mini putt putt is an 18 holes course. The golf hill features two waterfalls, 4 streams, a magic stream, and multi-level holes.


Summer Hours
June 15th- Labor Day
10:00am - 10:00pm
Open in Spring & Fall
Please Call for Hours
(800) 835-4347

Award Winning Gift Shop

Approximately 60 Displays of North American Animals

Museum is about the length of 2 city blocks

The animals are in natural settings with hand-painted backgrounds.

Many displays have sound effects.

The museum also includes:
Wildlife Theater
Hands-on Discovery Room
Projected image displays
Walk-in Display where you can touch the animals
Window display w/ antique fishing & hunting items
Scavenger Hunts are available for children and adults.


Call of the Wild
Museum & Gift Shop
Bavarian Falls Park
Go Cart & Adventure Golf